Esta es tu portada, que es lo que la mayoría de los visitantes verá cuando visite por primera vez tu tienda.

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Hey! Are you a podcast lover? We have a radio show plenty of news, tips, interviews and exclusive chapters so that you could learn easily in anywhere and anytime from your mobile device. Look for our podcasts on ivoox and itunes!


We love to tell you wonderful stories and show you how colourful the world is. And that is possible thanks to reading, a skill that help us to sharpen the language we are learning. If we manage you to get hooked... it means you are learning a lot with us and you feel how high your level is taking off.

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You are not alone. There are many learners like you outside! Just be a fan of our community in Patreon and our Facebook private group. There you will make new friends from other countries, you will practice as much as you like and our teachers will take care of you.

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We have a lot of plans to make easy your learning.

But, first, let us meet you! A trial lesson is a chance to get to know each other much better. We would like to listen to your expectations, motivations, your needs and everything which can help us to offer an extraordinary experience with us.

We're working hard to be so creative that our method can help you in any step you do to study languages. Shal we talk?