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I want to help you to improve your Spanish.

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¡Hola! That’s Francisco, coach of Faro de Lenguas, your Spanish language school.

I’ve always desired to help other Spanish students in a friendly learning environment, whatever your level is. I’m fond of writing and podcasting as an educational and communication tool.

My students often agree with assessing what are my main professional Spanish teaching (puede valer como keyword) values for me: commitment, supportiveness and trust.

3 super powers of this Spanish language school

I am like a close friend who share your progresses.
Let me connect you!

I’m quite supportive with my learners. You’ll always learn something new every time.
Your challenges are also mine. We design the best strategies together to get your goals trustingly.
My coach method reduces your fears and insecurities and levels up your personal and intellectual growth.

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Here you are what I can offer you for free!
A perfect path to refresh your Spanish

podcast to learn spanish

youtube channel

  • A monthly podcast available at iTunes and iVoox.
  • A magazine that is plenty of amazing content with samples of real Spanish.
  • Triple benefit:
  1. You improve your listening skill. You always learn something new in Spanish.
  2. You really have fun: anywhere, anytime, and whenever you feel like it.
  3. There’s an optional premium podcast with an extra lesson and clear English explanations.

No more boring videos about grammar!

Faro de Lenguas YouTube is a magazine show for Spanish learners:


  • Reports about those little things from your routine which are really awesome!
  • If it’s your first contact the Spanish language, do not worry! Explanations are in English with clear examples in Spanish!
  • Downloaded learning paper!
  • Listen to our posts and download the audio file. It will help your reading and listening skills.
  • Multimedia resources to make your learning more autonomous.
  • Fresh content related to your interests: news, health, sport, technology, and so on.
  • Enjoy the huge variety of the Spanish language: from Spain to Latin America.

Why to learn Spanish?

My story about learning foreign languages…

Everyone has a motivation to start the long way into the mastery of a second language, such as Spanish. That means that when you step forward, it is like a marriage, that is, forever.
After watching this video…

Do you feel identified with my experiences?

Have you ever attend an intensive second language course and you have just felt that it is a waste of time?

Has anyone ever spoken to you in Spanish and you have barely been able to understand any single word at all?

Have you ever looked for a much better work opportunity and you have been ruled out in the job interview because you cannot speak a fluent Spanish?

Would you like to discover Hispanic artists and be able to understand their works in original version?

If you have already nodded while you were reading those questions, I suggest that we date a free Skype session.

You tell me your case. I listen and assess it to give the best solution.

e- learning Method

Wikipedia define e-learning in the following terms: “E-learning theory describes the cognitive science principles of effective multimedia learning using electronic educational technology”.

You’ll understand the idea much better with this tutorial video.

Learning 2.0: How an online lesson is?

There is a suitable course according to your needs.

But if you still have some doubts, what about a free mentoring session by Skype?

Send an e-mail message to info@farodelenguas.xyz and book yours!

What is is said about our teaching method