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Do you want to improve your Spanish?

My goal is to give you solutions to your main linguistic problems and fulfil your needs. 

My lessons are organised: I design your study plan thinking of your learning targets. All the learning materials are free: pdf, PowerPoint presentations, exercises, vídeos, and so on.

As Spanish teacher (visit my profile here), I want you to know the advantages of enjoy my tailored study plans and my Skype lessons.

I also train teachers. Have a look at "Curso de Didáctica de las clases particulares ELE".


Combine your studies and your daily activities!

It has never been so easy to move towards your goals studying Spanish with our flexible training method.


What are our students are saying about us?

Reina, de Zhanjiang, China

Francisco es un profesor muy paciente y tiene un montón de experiencia de enseñanza. Me lo he pasado muy bien en la clase con él. Hablamos de la ciudad que vivo y de mi carretera. No sólo me comparte sus recursos de enseñanza sino también me ayuda a dividir la meta a pasos claros. Voy a disfrutar los recursos durante la vacación que viene y lo tengo en cuenta que ¨El limite está en el cielo.¨.

Connor, de Estados Unidos.

My lesson with Francisco was very productive. I learned many new "real life" words and got lots of practice talking and listening. He gave me an extra 15 minutes as well! great lesson.

Anne, de Sidney, Australia.

Francisco is a very caring and sharing teacher. The class is very interesting which I always enjoy. Thank you!

Meredith Poppish, de Memphis, Estados Unidos

I was truly impressed with the amount of preparation that went into Francisco's lesson. I told him in advance that I wanted to work on the subjunctive, and he had a full lesson plan complete with videos, music, and a very detailed handout that really helped me understand the context of the subjunctive tense. He is a true teacher and I would highly recommend him, wow!

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We love to tell you wonderful stories and show you how colourful the world is. And that is possible thanks to reading, a skill that help us to sharpen the language we are learning. If we manage you to get hooked... it means you are learning a lot with us and you feel how high your level is taking off.

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Marketing online para profesores ELE. Trucos básicos.

¿Qué sabes del marketing digital? ¿Cómo promocionas tu marca, tus servicios y productos? ¿Usas alguna estrategia?   Estas son las preguntas que nos debemos hacer cuando decidimos poner en marcha nuestra idea de negocio. Sin lugar a duda, las clases de español online es uno de los emprendimientos más rentables, porque son negocios con poco …

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We have a lot of plans to make easy your learning.

But, first, let us meet you! A trial lesson is a chance to get to know each other much better. We would like to listen to your expectations, motivations, your needs and everything which can help us to offer an extraordinary experience with us.

We're working hard to be so creative that our method can help you in any step you do to study languages. Shal we talk?