Why to book an informative session?

Before making a decision, it’s good that a reliable person guides us and solve any doubt. That makes us feel more secure.

We’re aware of that magic connection because each student is unique. Showing real interest for you, getting to know each another and break the ice allow to create a friendly environment. You’ll know our educational training, the method, the learning materials, make some questions, etc.

The goal of this informal meeting is collecting the required information to offer you what best suits your needs. For that purpose, we’re going to begin the meeting with an interview so that we could assess your learning needs and measure your level through a test.

How to book a session

The customer service starts at 8 am and finish at 9 pm (Spain time zone). We attend to booking requests only during that period of time.

Our booking system is based on Calendly. It’s quite easy to use. To start your booking, please, follow these instructions:

  • Check your time zone and Spain time zone before booking. This tool will help you a little bit.
  • Choose a date from Calendly.
  • Then, the time which fixes better to your schedule.
  • Confirm the chosen time.
  • Write your full name and e-mail.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation message within the following 24hrs. There you’ll find a personalised link for your online meeting and some basic instructions.

Technical requirements

We use Skype as a principal video chat tool, but Zoom is also available for online meetings.

Downloading either of them is suggested: