Francisco J. Martínez Vicente


Bachelor's degree

Filología Hispánica, 1998 - 2003

Spanish language and literature studies.

Universidad de Murcia.

Master's Degree

University of Alicante 2014 – 2015

Master's degree in teaching Spanish and English as second languages.

Spanish Teacher Development Programme

MOOC for the Spanish teacher training.

Edition: 2015 - 2016.



Uso educativo de las narrativas 



Edition: 2015

About me

My city.

I live in Las Lumbreras, a small village of Murcia Region (on the South - East of Spain). 

My method

Would love to meet you and hear your story: what is your motivations and goals? Why do you want to learn Spanish? Let's talk along with a cup of coffee! I want to help people get to communicate with confidence and conviction in the context they need in Spanish.  Click here to book a trial lesson.



Some extra tools

I love creating contents so that you could learn Spanish at home. 

  • Faro de Lenguas blog. Free lessons and activities, tips, etc.
  • Faro de Lenguas Magazine. A radio show to keep fresh your Spanish.
  • Faro de Lenguas Social Media. Join our Patreon community, interact with your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube).

And if you need more... We have the right course for you!