What is the e-learning concept?

Technology applied to language learning.

It does not matter if you are not a computer literacy. After watching this video, you will get it!

Faro de Lenguas

A new experience to improve your learning

Think of a place where you have all you need to learn a language at home.


Yes, a coursebook and a CD audio are alright, however, you are probably looking for real materials according to your interests and needs. 

The Internet is plenty of information, too much, I must say, and, sometimes, it is prejudicial more than giving you a benefit, because you will always miss a guide who leads you to your goals or offer some support.

Faro de Lenguas collects four powerful tools to develop your language skills.


More you read, more you understand a language.

Reading is a skill that allows you to understand how to organise your ideas with coherence and cohesion. Grammar and vocabulary help you, but you need something else. Because we do not read or write how we speak, you need to learn this skill from a reading approach. The following video explain some tips to get better reading.

We are aware of  how important is to practice this skill, that is why we follow some master lines:

  1. A blog to educate. Learn the language through all dimensions.
  2. Relevant information. Interesting posts to learn new input and have fun.
  3. To amuse. Digital activities to check your knowledge.

Think how nice it is to learn more after an online lesson and have a good time. Our blog will offer interesting articles, a grammar and vocabulary summary, as well as interactive activities. 

Faro de Lenguas Magazine.

The oral comprehension is one of the most difficult skill that students must cope with exams and real life. One reason is because we hear new sounds in a foreign language and our brain needs a period of time to process the new information. It is managed thanks to a training, discipline and perseverance. Here the pronunciation training is crucial to understand the features of this passive skill.

Therefore, more you listen to real language (videos, podcasts, tv, etc.), more you get used to that language target. At the beginning, it seems tricky, but you will realise that you begin to understand single words, complete sentences and, finally, complete oral texts.

Listen to a variety of resources to get your proficiency in your oral comprehension.

We lead a radio show called "Faro de Lenguas Magazine" not only for learners, but also for teachers (on Thursday). The students take advantage of listening to appealing contents: short lessons, news, quizzes, and so on. In comparison with the traditional CD audios, you are in touch with real language and you are also part of our fan community.


Every Monday you have an appointment with your podcast to learn Spanish on ivoox, iTunes, and Player FM. We complete your listening exercise with a transcription and a worksheet on Patreon. The only thing you must do is to subscribe and play our podcasts.


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The importance of learning in community.

Possibly, you use social media to pass the time. However, we go a step ahead. Have a look at the following video!

An educational approach of social media allow you to learn with others. That is what cooperative learning is called in e-learning environments. So, if you want to get further details about how to use our community, click here.


Sometimes, entertainment is not enough and you are looking for a structured training due to several reasons: a promotion in your work, an official exam (such as DELE, Instituto Cervantes), a trip, and so on.

We offer a catalog of  tailored language training:

  • Language training for company staff.
  • Personalised training.
  • Online courses.
  • Training in groups.
  • Training in pairs.

We also work for companies and educational institutions. Ask a budget and let us know what kind of training you need for your staff.

Any question?

You can send a message to info@farodelenguas.xyz and make your questions or requests.