Business Spanish course

Increase your client portfolio by connecting with your Hispanic audience.

Business Spanish is crucial to engage the customers’ attention and gain their hearts. It supposes 50% of success.

Don’t believe me? Look at this claim:

The USA is the main investor in Mexico in sectors such as financial services and insurance (18.3), commercial (12%), furniture services or rental of furniture and intangibles (5.3%) according to figures from

Can you think of the profitable business opportunities you waste because you cannot speak business Spanish?

Learn to express yourself in Spanish when you have to talk in public and introduce your product or service, design a marketing campaign to reach a Hispanic audience and how to resolve financial papers or related to secures, banking, business mailing, etc.

The Business Spanish course can help you multiply your selling rate and increase your contact networking. Furthermore, start from scratch and measure your progress through your self-assessment, the tutoring sessions by Skype and the digital tools to level up your Spanish.

Are you ready to triumph?

A thousand mile road begins with one step
Benjamin Franklin

This is what you’ll learn in this course.


My first words in Spanish

You will start from scratch: give and ask personal information in social contexts, the most used Spanish verbs, vocabulary related to social environment, etc.
When you finish this module, you will be able to talk about yourself, your products and services, as well as a brief introduction to your company.


Types of companies and business activities

Connect your language to business Spanish.

Show your master in business speaking the right vocabulary in Spanish. It will allow reading formal papers, to write emails, organize presentations, and so on.


Positions and departments

Talk about your company and be able to explain who is who and the name of the departments in Spanish.


Companies and services

Your future customers may ask for information about the services of your company. This module will teach how to talk about projects, services and products compared with the service’s competence, and the main advantages of your business activity.


The office, tools to work and facilities

It’s quite common to be invited to a work meeting in another company because both companies are going to close a deal. Or think of other situations, such as a collaborative project. We consider relevant you are used to familiarizing with the work environment and begin to talk fluently in Spanish.


The work routine

You will learn to talk about your daily routine at work, the main grammar structures to express feelings and assessment, as well as expressing causes and consequences.


Branding and marketing

Are you familiarized with the digital marketing and traditional marketing? Do you usually attend business fairs and make new contacts?

You’ll learn how to express in Spanish when you need to design a marketing campaign and develop your brand, enhance your ability to make contacts from Latin American companies or create your own colleagues’ networking


Banking and insurances

Investing abroad involves a knowledge of the banking system and cope with insurance companies. If the place of work is in a country where Spanish is the language of communication, the need to understand papers and conversations could be urgent. A professional translator may be expensive. However, you will save money as soon as you’re able to express yourself in Spanish.

You’ll learn banking and insurance vocabulary, the most useful grammar structures and some business conversational strategies.


Mailing and reports

It’s quite common that people use their smartphones to send e-mails or check reports. But, can you either write a formal message or explain a report in Spanish?

You’ll learn the different types of formal emails and reports, how to structure your message, how to explain charts and reports in meetings, practical cases and some pills of grammar and vocabulary used in written and oral Spanish.


Business travel

You’ll learn how to buy a flight ticket, book a car, a bedroom in a hotel or other services, what to do to require a bad service, and so on.

Course feature

12 modules.
4 units.
4 tutoring session per unit.

module and unit summary.
self-study activities.

Additional texts and activities about some aspects related to each unit.

Functional grammar content.

Transcriptions of vídeos and audios.
100% communicative content.
Unit final assignment.
Downloaded audios (podcasts).
Tutoring video lessons.
Gamification activities: get your badge.

Online practical lesson: tutoring and assessment.

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