Speak Spanish like American celebrities

Learn the basics of conversational Spanish to speak in public, travel for fun, or pass both a job interview and an oral exam.

Maybe, you didn’t have the chance to practice Spanish as much as you would have liked at high school or the university. You used to spend hours studying grammar, long list of vocabulary and you felt that learning a second language became something too theorical.

Those experiences have conditioned you until today and, for that reason, you usually excuse yourself and avoid speaking Spanish:

  • I feel ashamed.
  • I’m afraid of making mistakes.
  • I think that my pronunciation is not so good.
  • I need to level up my Spanish.
  • I speak so slowly as a consequence of translating before saying a single word.
  • In my opinion, people speak Spanish too fast. I can hardly understand what they are saying!

Our fears and our past experiences learning a second language make you feel insecure. But, there are some strategies to overcome your fears and start to enhance your fluency.

This course is for you if you are ready to give your best version of yourself, If you are willing to give 100% of time to achieve your goal, I suggest that you continue reading.

What you are going to achieve

This is a course made for you, perfect for beginner and low intermediate learners. 100% practical.

Know the main oral styles and the effective abilities in Spanish spoken.

Conversational Spanish in context.

Speak Spanish correctly in a work meeting, to book a hotel bedroom for your holiday or gain security in a job interview.

Reduce your accent


Support service

Access to the learning material 24/7 (24hrs, 7 days a week).

1 month guarantee. 

Fluency in Spanish

What you’ll learn


Phone calls or Skype meetings

Technologies make easy communication. You’ll learn the diverse strategies to begin a conversation, either formal or informal: from the beginner to the end.


Making friends

Social life is one of the most important aspects of our routine. You will learn to make an appointment or invite somebody to an even (going to the cinema, having dinner, etc.), how to accept an invitation or offer, expressing likes and dislikes, describing people and feelings, etc.


Looking for a job

Working abroad is a great chance to grow professionally.

Learn how to prepare a job interview, speak in public about your product, project or service with an effective presentation, master banking vocabulary, etc.



Organize your speech in either informal and formal meetings.

  • Talk about different options.
  • Express agreement and disagreement.
  • How to speak Spanish accurately.
  • How to summarize information in a meeting.


Spare time

You surely find like-minded people with your same tastes. You’ll learn to talk about sports, food and drinks, the city, culture or hobbies, in general.



Leisure with your family, friends or just alone sounds really exciting. Learn how to have fun speaking Spanish abroad.

  • How to resolve problems at the airport.
  • How to book a bedroom at a hotel.
  • Ask and give information or addresses.
  • How to survive travelling in a taxi.
  • Learn to ask and give help.
  • Going shopping.

When you finish this course, you’ll be able to…

Overcome your fears and gain fluency in Spanish
Understand any variety of Spanish
Speak Spanish reducing your accent
Learn step by step what to do and say in different contexts
Plan your public oral presentation: a job interview, a work meeting, an academic work, etc
Master a huge variety of topics and strategies to express fluently in spoken Spanish

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